H5P @ OSU Ecampus

H5P is Free!

H5P, like WordPress, has a Free (h5p.org) and Paid (h5p.com) version. Make sure you are visiting h5p.org when you are evaluating H5p activities.

OSU Also has a Canvas-integrated/graded, paid version (oregonstate.h5p.com) and a non-graded version (h5p.oregonstate.education).

For more information, visit the ID Knowledge Base H5P Page.

1. Try H5P

  • You can create a free account, and try out any activities you would like.
  • You can even export them from H5p.org to your own Ecampus H5p web site later.
  • Accessibility of H5P activities vary.
  • We do not support additional theming or styling work for H5P activities.

2. H5P Multimedia Request (New, and existing sites)

  1. Go to :https://web.oregonstate.education/request/
  2. Select H5P for your multimedia type.

What information to provide?

  • Identify the class you need this for, so we can create a unique URL for you.
  • Identify if you need assistance with creating H5P activities.
  • Identify if you have previously created H5P activities.
  • Identify any additional users (IDs, instructors, etc) that will require access. Their email is required for this step. This includes when you have an existing site and want to add users.
  • Is this an existing site? If so what is the site name or URL.

3. Handling your request

  • Your request will generate an Asana task, on which all communication regarding your request will be included.
  • You should be automatically assigned as a follower to this task by the request form.
  • The URL of your site will be included in the task, when it is ready.
  • The task will be commented on when your site is ready for review.
  • The task will be closed when you confirm the site is working as expected. Often times this will include you asking the instructors to confirm their access.
  • Any non-CDT personnel who needed accounts created will receive an e-mail from the system with credentials and instructions on how to access the site.

4. Accessing your site(s)

  1. Go to https://h5p.oregonstate.education/wp-admin/
  2. On the top navigation, select “My Sites”
  3. You should see all the H5P sites that you have access too.

5. Need Assistance?

Student workers can create activities if you want to reach out to Melanie Kroening or Nick Breslin.

If you have any issue with your web site for a course, please reach out to Nick Breslin.